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World Breathes® was founded in 2020 by a group of Ecuadorian entrepreneurs with the ambitious project of making the world aware of a new way to enjoy their drinks while taking care of the environment.

Although it is possible to use paper straws to avoid contamination caused by plastic products, this is not a pleasant and practical way to enjoy your drinks, because after a short time it becomes soft and unusable.

Plastic straws are comfortable and durable, but they destroy marine fauna and aggressively pollute the environment. It is not ethical or moral to continue using them.

There are also other straws made with bamboo or metal, which are called ecological because they are reusable, but they are always available and your health can be affected if you do not have a proper cleanliness.

The only viable, ecological, environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable option is World Breathes®. Sorbets made from vegetable bagasse. A product based on post-consumer raw material, which if not used in this product, would be discarded. Our technology, added to the versatility of the raw material, allows us to offer a product that meets all environmental standards while providing a user experience as satisfactory as no other.
Try our product. You help the planet, but especially, you help emerging economies to grow and be better.

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